EDI Domain Users Manual

EDI Domain Users Manual

Table of contents:


EDI data exchange platform.
You can access your mailboxes using recent Internet browser such as Chrome, Firefox or MS Edge.
Internet Explorer is not supported.


Initial sign up starts a trial period of 2 weeks. Trial lets you test connections make sure all transmissions work.
At any point during or after trial you can start your subscription.
When trial ends you will no longer be able to send or receive files from the server without subscription.

purchase subscription

Subscription gives you 500 Mbt data exchange per month.

Add Mailbox

You can create multiple mailboxes to exchange files. This helps separate files based on type or function.
Example create two separate mailboxes: one for input EDI X12 837 files and one for output EDI 837.

Each mailbox will have its own FTP username, password and processing history.

add mailbox

Add multiple mailboxes. It is best to have mailbox per message type.
If these messages come from different sources or customers you may even have multiple mailboxes for single message type.

ftp username

Each mailbox username is auto-generated by the system.
Both username and password are case sensitive.

Current Files

"Current Files" shows current mailbox files.

current files

You can use both web interface and SFTP to send, receive or delete files.


"History" shows selected mailbox activity.

history tab

Use "Search" to find files based on "File", "Sender ID", "Receiver ID" and "Control Number". Other fields are not searchable.


"Totals" show transmissions based on history.

delete history

If you delete history it will also reset all the mailbox totals.

SFTP Connection

Any application that supports Secure FTP (SFTP) protocol should be able to send and receive files from mailbox.
SFTP may also be called "FTP over SSH" or "SSH FTP" inside the software.

xtserver task

In this example XT Server application is setup with FTP task to receive files from a mailbox.
It is important to use FTP server "edidomain.com:821". Here 821 is port number for SFTP connection.

Username and password in the FTP software must match mailbox setup in the EDI Domain web interface.

xtserver job

This simple XT Server job will pull files from the mailbox and exit.
It is a good way to test that connection is working.

Once you are able to receive files setup EDI validation and translation tasks after "ftp".


Maximum file size: 64Mbt.
Bandwidth limit for all transmissions per month: 100 Gbt.

Bandwidth limit explanation:
If your average EDI file is between 50Kbt and 100Kbt then 100Gbt bandwidth will result in about 1,000,000 transmitted files.